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Judges Guild was a company back in the early 80s that put out a large number of play-aids, adventures, and campaign settings for various role-playing systems, including D&D, AD&D, Traveller, Runequest, and others. Below is a listing of the products they produced and their descriptions.

Recently, Judges Guild has made a reappearance, starting a website at www.judgesguild.com and offering some of their old products still in stock for sale.

Note: All items listed here are for general interest / reference only. There is nothing for sale.

Product List

The City State Campaign

D&D items

AD&D items

Traveller items

Runequest items

Other RPGs

Misc Fantasy / Science Fiction items

Pegasus magazine

Dungeoneer magazine

Journal magazine

If you have information of any products missing from these pages, please let me know. Thanks.
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