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By Dave Arneson, co-author of Dungeons & Dragons. Two 17"x22" maps (one for players, one for the Judge) showing wilderness around the famous Blackmoor Castle, and a giant 64-page booklet detailing the assorted baronies, citadels, leaders histories and development of the original fantasy role-playing campaign, and the entire Blackmoor Dungeon as Judged by Arneson. The maps are printed on high-quality brown pebble-grain stock, designed to last a long time. Herein are many new guidelines on lair generation, character interests and vocations (hunting, farming, fishing, trapping, etc.), the resources and manpower of the various feudal holdings and nomadic hordes of this landmark in wargaming, and much more. Carefully mapped are the twelve levels of Blackmoor Dungeon beneath the five levels of Blackmoor Castle, the village of Blackmoor, the home of Mello the Halfling, and the tower of Svenson's Freehold.
Four (blank) 17"x22" numbered hex-grid sheets, printed on both sides of high-quality brown pebble-grain stock for a total of eight grids. These are ideal for use by the Judge in creating his own wilderlands, and may be used for the standard D&D 5-mile wilderness hex. The sheets are printed in the same size as our standard Judges Guild City State campaign maps of the wilderland, so that the Judges may expand their works as they desire. Printed with a double-burning process, half-tones, these are very large (34 hexes long and 52 wide) and can be used for anything in any gaming system; they are as versatile and useful to the wargamer as notebook filler is to a student. Colored pencils and felt-tipped pens work beautifully on this surface and will not soak through.
Two 28.5"x22" sheets, each present deck plans of twenty different ships, small craft and equipment from Viking longships to dugout canoes. These are detailed right down to the wood graining in the individual deck planks; nail heads and rope ply of the riggin are visible in a truely fine work of art. The ships are hex-gridded in 25mm scale for use with miniatures. Included is a 32-page booklet with extensive technical descriptions, historical information on the cultures which used the various craft and equipment, and other gaming aids. These are suitable for use with any medieval or fantasy role-playing system currently in print, and ideal for campaign Judges wishing to expand their gaming horizons into maritime traffic and trade, and ram-and-cutlass naval warfare.
WAR CRY - JG 0068
A set of miniatures rules including reference charts, pull-out gaming aids, and figure set-up and construction guide suitable for battles ranging from the ancient era through the Middle Ages, sumulated with 25mm miniatures. Included are extensive rules on the siege engines of medieval artillery, and their effects on both field formations and fortified positions, plus moral rules, simplified missle fire and melee, extremely quick and easy-to-use combat modifiers, point values of the different troop types to prepare even sides for competition, priority targets for missile fire, and much more. This is a basic 32-page set of simple rules which emphasizes action and quick resolution, affording a balance of simplicity and realism, fighting out a full-fledges battle will take less time than with most rules sets, yet results are practical and believable.
This is a set of four of the 28x5"x22.5"charts from Sea Steads and Wave Riders for a total of eighty items. Here are longships, war galleys, merchants, log rafts, dugout canoes, harbor lighters, barges, deck siege engines and more. The charts are printed in brown on high-quality tan stock, and form a highly detailed playing aid for use in 25mm miniatures simulations of boarding actions, catapult warfare, mutinies, and other battles and adventures, suitable for use with any medieval or fantasy rules system that includes the use of 25mm figures. The charts are hex-gridded for simplicty of movement of the figures. They are finely detailed, right down to the woodgrain of the deck planking, the nail heads and rigging lines can be seen. The charts are extremely versatile for gaming.
This 80-page booklet contains the best of the first six issues of The Dungeoneer, edited and illustrated by Paul Jaquays. Hordes of new and different monsters, troves of new magic items and artifacts, and the best in fantasy role-playing articles and variants fill its pages, as well as the first installments of the classic swords-and-sorcery serial by J.Mark Hendricks, "The Arcane Elders". Since the Dungeoneer was the originator of the complete mini-dungeon, this volume contains six of these versatile prepared scenarios, keyed and beutifully mapped. The issues that it covers have been entirely sold out, so this is a good way for players and Judges to catch up on what they've missed.
This 64-page tome with handsome cover provides tables for random generation of olden names, nicknames, titles, twon and tavern names for fantasy and science-fiction role-playing games. The English language and its antecedents such as Celtic, Teutonic, Scandinavian, Latin and Greek tongues have ben used as sources, so that name meanings would be on the fringes of the familiar and exotic simultaneously. A good name will establish a chracter's personality or an inn's or village's atmosphere and history; it encourages a credible rapport and reminds players that all of the characters have a strong self-interest and identity in the game. Forty-six pages of various tables are provided with extensive guidelines to their application. The various tables provide 320,000 possible name combinations.
TREK 80 - JG 0100
This cassette tape game for the Radio Shack TRS-80 computer is our first application of a new idea in wargaming: the use of computer simulations. It requires a computer capable of at least 16K of memory and use of the Level II Basic computer language. This is not just another Star Trek game: it's the toughest Trek game to beat yet. The Enterprise must protect a Federation supply fleet of transport tugs, and the commands can control everything from combat attack sequence programming and defensive modes on the ship's computer, to evasive action, to energy flow from the reactors to the various engines and phaser banks. Phasers, photon torpedoes and Starbases are provided for. The Klingons and the tugs all have simultaneous movement and combat, the tugs even have puny phasers and occasionally knock out Klingons themselves!
A 64-page booklet which includes 50 pages of maps on various fortifications: every type from solitary spires and wooden stockades to massive fortresses and walled cities. These are excellent for siege, intrigue and other adventures by the players. Also included are table for naming the castles. The castles are mapped on light grey hex grids, suitable for changes by the Judge with a felt-tipped marker. A Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System.
The Fantasy Cartographer's Fieldbook is the Judges Guild solution to many of the Fantasy role-playing mapping problems. Large 96-page book provides a set of comprehensive mapping symbols that can be used to mark all features and encounters. Four separate types of Mapping Grids are provided plus Map Key and Record pages. Gamers are sure to find this book useful for record keeping and mapping their own campaigns. The increasing number of gamers who are writing magazine articles, designing products, and submitting contest adventure scenarios will find this book invaluable.
15mm AFV plans for any use with science fiction miniatures rules, and/or role-playing. Also contains simple rules for resolving table top combat.
This is the Judges Guild solution to many of the Scient Fiction role-playing mapping problems. This large 96-page book provides a set of comprehensive mapping symbols that can be used to mark all features and encounters. Three separate types of Mapping Grids are provided plus Map Key and Record pages to permit accurate mapping of anything from a solar system down to an individual room. Gamers are sure to find this book useful for organizing their own campaigns.
This 64-page booklet contains 48 pages of interior layouts of various Temples. These are excellent for use with scenarios where you have players encountering religious groups in their own Temples or for use as the main theme of you scenario. The Temples are mapped on light grey square grids, suitable for changes by the Judge with felt-tipped markers. A Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System.
This is the first in a new series of adventures suitable for use with all fantasy role-playing systems. All the incredible detail and playability you have come to expect from Judges Guilde is now available for all game systems. Four gigantic 22"x34" maps detail Ravenscrag Castle and the levels below, right down to each individual stone. The immense 64-page Guidebook covers all buildings, personalities, treasures, and monsters with far more detail than even the most picky Judge needs.
Composed of two 96-page volumes with a new set of rules for fantasy role-playing. Character statistics, classes, and abilities are included in the first volume, along with melee and psionic combat tables and provisions for godhood. Add to all this are 612 familiar and not-so-familiar Monsters, complete with statistics for them and their environments.
The God Math needs you! Only the daring enter the ancient Tower to prove worthy to serve him. Maps of each level and what lies in each are furnished in this 32-page Guidebook, as well as a nasty surprise for unwary players.
Masters of Mind is a detailed rules set for psionic combat. The rules include initial character talents and how to develop those talents, as well as attack and defense modes for combat. All 80 pages are full of charts, tables, and rules, plus examples of combat given for clear reading and comprehension. A must for fantasy role-playing!
Something is harassing the village of Restormel. People are disappearing. People are being found dead. Terror stalks the night. It is up to you to find the cause and destroy it. this is a 32-page book with 2 detailed 22"x34" maps of the Castle and maps of all the major village buildings. This adventure includes a creature not to be found anywhere else.
A completely detailed spaceport and twon out on the active fringes of adventure, this campaign aid comprises a 48-page book and a 22"x34" double-sided Map Sheet. Designed to serve as an initial starter scenario, this product gives a firm base for starting out a team of adventurers on the proverbial shoestring. Opportunities for both legitimate and ilegal profits are present. All buildings and installations are completely mapped in 15mm scale for use with miniatures or counters. This is the first in a series of products which are designed to be utilized with all science fiction role-playing systems.
The action is crammed into this 16-page fantasy adventure module. An ancient prophet fortold of the rising from the pits of Hell of the dead and buried Druid, F'deck Fo, and of the devastation he would bring on the descendants of his people. The time-worn prophecy is reaching for fulfillment; the curse must be reversed and destroyed. You must march to the Tomb, enter, and end the unholy evil residing there. This product contains multiple adventures, new and horrifying creatures, a strong fortress, and a completely described barbarian village.
This 48-page Universal Playaid details the rich Dwarven Mine which lies just outside the walls of the City State of the Invincible Overlord. The City-State is alive with rumors of the strange happenings deep within the Glory Hole. Something is going on down there - is it the deiscovery of ancient catacombs filled with the artifacts of a long-dead civilization? Is it a power struggle between the Overlord and the Cwarves over the control of the mine? is it a grudge match between Dwarven and non-Dwarven miners over the division of vast treasures that have been found? Is it an influx of creatures from without? Is it an influx of creature from within? Is it an influx of creatures from another Plane? Is it the discovery of a lost Gnomish mine adjacent to the Glory Hole? Can all of the preceding questions be answered by an emphatic "YES!"? Venture into the Glory Hole Dwarven Mine, if you dare, and find out how you can turn these events into adventure and riches beyond your wildest dreams!
This 64-page compilation details 78 fantastic personalities for use in any fantasy campaign. Each character comes complete with background information, religious inclinations, personal quirks, magic items, favorite tactics, spell knowledge, and much more. Many character classes are represented, such as Assassins, Theives, Warrior-Priests, Fighters, Bards, Monks, Wizards, Illusionists, Rangers, Clerics, and Druids, as well as the various races (Gnomes, Dwarves, Elves, etc.). Characters range in power from the totally inexperienced to the Elven Prince of 2,000 years old. Included herein are such notables as Aeschulas the gambling wizard, Rivera the happy-go-lucky Thief, Sheila the she-wolf, Cherliy the Rotund, Tina of Tergonis, and Rita Nimblefingers. The personalities are keyed to the Judges Guilde Campaign Maps, but they can be used in anyone's world. This is a must for any serious Judge who recognizes the importance of fantastic personalitites with which the players can interact.
This 48-page book includes three separate quests for use with any fantasy role-playing campaign. Detailed within is a quest for those Halflings that are tired of being overshadowed by the Big People. Join them on the perilous quest for "The Book of Ancestry." Or, if evil, rotten, mean, and nasty characters are your forte', guide two Half-Orcs on their "Quest fo rthe Spear of Karkness." Fight those wimpy Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings that stand in the way of Orcish domination. Also included is a quest for that single character who believes he or she is invincible. Definitely a must for any campaign that includes high-level characters. "The Cave of Despair" is an unique adventure scenario which pits a lone player against the spectres of the past and the phantoms of the future. An exciting and bewildering adventure that will be enjoyed by both the Judge and player. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.
Prey of Darkness is a Universal Playaid which details a force of brigands and their advisors, followers, and slaves. Each of the brigands has a price on his or her head. You have been charged with their capture! Can you bring them back to face trial alive, or must you kill them in order to collect the reward? Can you even survive the attempt? Send your heroes and heroines in search of Red Honohon and Black M'Dabb. This scenario can also be used for evil characters who need manpower to accomplish their goals. Join Red and Black in their endeavors to become rich and powerful. Become a brigand and terrorize the countryside! Challenge Red and Black for the leadership of the brigand force! All this and more awaits you! A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.
The Corsairs of Talibar were one of the most feared bands of pirates that ever sailed the Nydar Sea. Nearly 75 years have passed since any captain has quailed at the sight of that dreaded band at his bow. Were they defeated in some unknown battle or swallowed up by the sea. Find out in this 48-page adventure. Contains 3 maps, 1 new monster, encounter tables, and 6 pre-generated adventurers for use. This adventure is for 6-10 adventurers from 1st to 3rd level. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.
This 32-page book contains new and exciting magical items and mystical artifacts for use with any adventure or campaign. Designed to bring awe to the faces of your player-characters. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.
This new and exciting adventure book holds ten complete adventures! The Beast of Blackwater, The Mountain of Fire, The Temple of Allisstanis, and many more. Each include maps, full background information, and accompanying rumors. The Book of Treasure Maps III is an 80-page adventure book designed for the Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Game System. This system may be used with most role-playing systems, which the players must provide.
LURID LAIRS - JG 1000 (not published)
Many, many designers have combined efforts to bring you this compilation of creature lairs. These capsule adventures include the lairs of Dwarves, Elves, Dragons, Giant Eagles, Gargoyles, Ghouls, Griffins, Ghost, Gnomes, Hippogriffs, Hydras, Ki-Rin, and many more. Lurid Laris will be a welcome to any existing campaign. It is designed to alleviate the sudden design pressure every Judge comes under during nearly every gaming session. Whenever a monster lair is needed quickly, Lurid Lairs can help. This 64-page booklet is the first in a series of booklets that will eventually cover most every monster the inhabits a lair. Lurid Lairs is a much-needed gaming aid brought to you by all the Gremlins at Judges Guild.
Featuring a marvelous magical weapons shop run by a capable dwarf armorer, Wondrous Weapons contains 120 different and astounding magical weapons for use in any campaign. Rplayers must buy or trade to gain the weapon of their choice, or the judge can construct a weapon using the tables included. The entire weapons shop is described room by room in this 64-page Universal play aid.
INNS & TAVERNS - JG 1070 (not published)
A 64 page collection of various Inns and Taverns set both in and outside the Judges Guild campaign world. All can be set into any campaign for use by any Judge, all feature a complete detailed map of the premises and exacting detail of every room and employee with some regular customers too. Adventure can be found when looked for, but players must be careful of results unlooked for. This is a new Universal Playaid adding new dimensions to campaigning for all Judges and their characters.
This Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Campaign Supplement can be used with almost all fantasy role-playing games. Each map will easily become a mini-adventure for any party that contains at least 16 levels of characters which include magic users and clerics, or dwarves. 48 caves and caverns with nine pages of charts and guidelines using the City State Campaign Hexagon System. Random cave and dungeon generation tables are also included.
Boxed game containing 3 full-color geomorphic maps, 400 counters, and 32-page rules book. The game is a tactical-level simulation of infantry combat in the far future. While the game is self-contained, it was designed for use with sci-fi campaign and the resolving of battles in them. The easy-to-learn rules cover the basics of any wargame such as movement and fire, flight, night combat, dropping powered infantry from starships, and much more. Also included are rules covering the raising and maintaining of units in a campaign along with 11 scenarios.
The House of Euklidies, a temple to Astokph the Diety of Travel and Transporter of the Dead, is asking for a group of adventurers to recover three lost magical items of the temple. Adventures must pass through the portal and enter the Druid's Keep to recover them. Contains 6 maps, 5 new monsters, and over 60 NPCs. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.
An eerie silence greeted the dawn at Riverside House the morning after the wedding feast of Arnulf and Gunda. As the day wore on concerned villagers appealed to Oskine to gather some of the guests at the Feathered Serpent Inn and investigate. Oskine instructed the group of guests to proceed ahead and said he would join them later. The guests crossed the empty threshold to discover... A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.
It is rumored that the vast treasure of Kelandor I still lies scattered about the once mighty castle. The present lord, Kelandor IX has invited any and all to search for the treasure in return for clearing the castle of the many monsters that have taken up residence there since the demise of Kelandor I. This new adventure is for a dungeon party of 5-8 adventurers of levels 6-10. Contains 9 dungeon levels, 10 maps, 7 new monsters and over 90 NPCs. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.
Two books, each 96-pages, detailing the City State of Tarantis and the surrounding campaign area. Includes a 20"x28" map of the City State of Tarantis and Campaign Area Map Four. Details on the history, government, customs, religions, and military of Tarantis. Also covers the shops and courts of Tarantis, The Tarantine Palace, Bard or Fighter Citadel, Ho Chi's Castle, The Azurerain Pirates and their stronghold. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.