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A 56-page treasure trove of reference charts and tables from data supplied in the first six Judges Guild installments of the Guildmember subscription. Includes tables for character social levels, street encounters in the City State, poison types, metal and gem types, civilization and technological levels, non-player character cutups, combat tables, construction and research guides, movement obstacles and wilderness terrain, beggars, shock recovery, crime and punishment, guards and garrison troops, resurrection results, special encounters, and much much more. This is an ideal purchase for the beginning Judge. This playing aid has been created and approved for use with D&D.
A huge haunted house with a 17"x22" Judges map and a 11"x17 Players map, printed on both sides, brown on high-quality tan stock. Each map has the manor printed on one side and the surrounding wildernes on the other. Enclosed in the product is a 32-page booklet with room and monster descriptions. Over 240 rooms and chambers include a hall of magic portraits and four secret dungeon levels beneatht the manor. The booklet also has tables to create magic statues, ghostly encounters, resurrection results, and more. Tegal Manor has always been one of our more popular playing aids, and has been a lot of fun for Judges and players all over the country. This is an officially approved playing aid for use with D&D.
The 'Shield' is a screen used to hide the referee's secret maps during D&D gaming. It also has many useful combat charts printed on both sides for fast paced fantasy play.
MODRON - JG 0034
Two maps, printed on both sides in brown ink on high-quality tan stock, an 11"x17" Judges map and a 8.5"x11" player map. Each map details the village of Modron on one side and an underwater adventure scenario on the other. The playing aid also has a newly revised 16-page booklet describing the various taverns, shops and open markets of the village's background, shark and sea monster tables, pearl details, underwater encounters, and non-player characters galore. There are special conditions on each street, which can generate special encounters. Modron is an an officially approved playing aid for use with D&D.
A booklet of 55 light gray hex fields ideal for use in mapping with colored fel-tipped markers. Hexes are numbered and .3" in size, making them .2 mile for the standard D&D 5-mile wilderness hex. In addition, the 64p booklet has six pages of tables for generating forests, wilderness encounters, flora and fauna, terrain features, and the other myraid details of a wilderness campaign. This is one of our best-selling products and has generated many sub-systems, detailed elsewhere in this catalogue. The hex grids may be put to many other uses, but the Campaign Hexagon System has been specifically created and approved for use with D&D.
A 32-page booklet based on an adventure in the wilderness stronghold of a band of brigands. This includes the background and statistics of an evil local diety, plus history, maps, and keyed room descriptions of a five-level dungeon carved out of the side of a mountain. The first three levels are fairly easy and suitable for breaking in new and inexperienced players; but the lower two are far tougher, and include a cavern that has a series of four dragon dens, indicative of the difficulty of the lower levels. Fortress Badabaskor is quite suitable for addition into a campaign; it is done in our City State format but may be inserted anywhere in the wilderness, and has been officially approved for use with D&D.
The official D&D tournament dungeon for GenCon IX, this 32-page booklet contains maps, room keys, hit sheets and time record sheets for two separate mini-dungeons, the two rounds of the contest. Five pre-rolled characters are also provided. The adventure takes place in a world roughly similar to that of the Celtic mythos. An ancient wizard of indeterminable age and skill sends the adventurers to Baldemar Castle, to win the Staff of Albalon. This playing aid has been created and approved for use with D&D.
A 64-page booklet with 48 village maps and nine pages of tbles for generating village names, building sizes and types, government works, village shops and inns, population levels and technologies. Ideal for various "out-of-dungeon" activities by parties of adventurers, the villages are mapped on numbered hex grids in light gray so that Judges may easily make additions and changes. The various settlements herein may be used to detail or expand upon the Judges Guild wilderness or any other campaign system as desired. A Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System, especially designed to help beginning players and Judges. Village Book I has been created and approved for use with D&D.
A 64-page booklet with 50 pages of maps on various fortifications, every type from solitary spires and wooden stockades to massive fortress and walled cities. These are excellent for siege, intrigue, and other adventures by the players. Included are six pages of tables for generating wall thickness, height, composition and features, towers, moat creatures, garrisons, trebuchets and other engines onthe walls, retainers, servants, leaders, followers and more. The castles are mapped on light gray hex grids, suitable for changes by the Judge with colored felt-tipped markers. A Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System, approved for use with D&D.
A 64-page booklet which includes 48 pages of small island groups and atolls for adventuring: passing ships, damaged by storms, may drop anchor here for repairs or be breached on the rocks, marooning their crewman; or it may be the stronghold of pirates, the sanctuary of a secret religion, or a coven of witches. Included are three pages of charts for generating island terrain, natives and encounters, mysterious finds, and even volcanic eruptions. Ideal for insertion into a campaign expanding into maritime traffic and trade. The islands are mapped on hex grids in light gray for additions and changes by the Judge. A Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System, approved for use with D&D.
This is a the ancient stronghold of Yrammag with six tower levels and five dungeon levels. A 32-page booklet of a very tough D&D scenario. It is designed for very advanced characters, and includes encounters with everything from giant rats to a minotaur and a demon. Tables have been provided for the random location and activity of the great Trammag, so that it will be a surprise each time the dungeon is entered by the adventurers. The surrounding wilderness is mapped out according to our Campaign Hexagon System, and Yrammag's spells are listed to provide a complete and detailed dungeon adventure, created and officially approved for use with D&D.
This 32-page booklet provides a basic, modularized map of a border fort (all Kelnore forts were designed to these specifications). Since their contruction, the forts have been populated by various monsters and tables are provided to put in random groups of creatures and individualize the forts on these basic designs. There are three sample forts, filled out according to die rolls on the tables, to illustrate their application. Using them, the Judge can easily create on the same basic map a different "dungeon" every time his players get together, this provides the maximum playing time with a minimal investment of the Judge's money and design time. This product has been created and approved for use with D&D.
16-page dungeon contest run at the 1978 Pacific Encounters Convention. You are crawling down a damp, dark tunnel under the ground, with a group of your fellows. You are mercenaries on another assignment. Well, not just another assignment, you are working for a huge, evil Red Dragon. If you succeed, your reware will be the pick of his treasure hoard. If you fail, it will be death!
This official GenCon X D&D tournament dungeon, this 52-page booklet includes area and village maps of Scrapfaggot Green, special tournament rules, background, the Sur-Khanian Maze, and six dungeon levels, making an ideal mini-campaign. The players must find the key to Akbeth's Tower, enter and find an ancient skull, and with this skull journey through the Forbidden Lands to close an interdimensional doorway. A Baron of this kingdom will greatly reward a stalwart adventuring party. This product includes pre-rolled characters and their equipment and spells, and is especially created and approved for use with D&D.
A truely unique dungeon adventure set inside a magic cloud: a Storm Giant has built his stronghold on it, but his son was kidnapped by a worm-creature that vanished into the cloud, and the players are offered great rewards to rescue him. The 32-page booklet, lavishly illustrated and mapped, contains six levels and ten unique new monsters. Intelligent monsters are given names and certain characteristics, and devilish traps and innovations are scattered here and there: a tornado within the cloud that takes characters from level to level without injury, and eleven new "miscellaneous magic" artifacts. This product has been especially created and approved for use with D&D.
A deadly solitaire dungeon for 1, 2, 3, or 4 players. Designed for 1st and 2nd level characters of any class.
An 80-page booklet designed to accomodate characters of the 1st and higher levels. some segments of the adventure will be a pushover for low-level groups, while other areas may send great lords and patriarchs ducking for cover. The dungeon complex has four main levels and one minor level, plus a legendary lost city. The local monsters are aware of each other and will usually work together to destroy an adventuring party. The booklet includes guidelines for random encounters, the lost city, and much more. Caverns of Thracia has been created and officially approved for use with D&D.
A 64-page booklet containing 50 pages of maps of various small settlements, villages, and hamlets, intended to fill the needs of any active campaign Judge to populate a large area for his fantasy role-players. The book includes nine pages of tables on the generation of various heraldry and coats of arms. The maps are printed on light gray hex fields to facilitate modifications by the Judge; colored felt-tipped pens can be used to great advantage to code buildings and other terrain features. This is a Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System, created and approved for use with D&D.
This 80-page booklet with color cover details the city of Verbosh and surrounding wilderness areas, including the villages of Warrenburg and Haygaras. Verbosh provides thorough coverage of street encounters, underwater adventures, two complete dungeons, and two wilderness areas. More than the usual dungeon adventure, this is a complete micro-campaign that will keep the players busy for days on end... if they survive. The two dungeons include the three-level sewers and dungeons beneath the city of Verbosh and the nine-level Schawang-Nau Tower. Verbosh has been especially created and approved for use with D&D.
A 48-page booklet with full-color cover, the first of a new "Wilderness Series" of playing aids that maps in great detail the Judges Guild's City State wilderness area, using the Campaign Hexagon System. Twenty-two five-mile hexes, covering over 476 square miles of wilderness, are mapped out, as are the two villages in this area, Byrny and Trollslore. Keyed shops, inns and tavers, as well as histories and ways of life of these villages are provided. Wilderness encounter tables and a three-level mini-dungeon in the ancient mines of a lost civilization beneath Trollslore are also included. This is one of our more popular new playing aids, and has been created and officially approved for use with D&D.
A 48-page package of five small, versatile dungeon scenarios, or "mini-dungeons". Each one is a complete adventure, ideal for the Judge to pull out and use when there is not enough time to prepare one for the players. All are set in the Judges Guild City State campaign wilderness system, though they may be played seperately. They include separate maps for players and Judge, full backgrounds and accompanying rumors, all thoroughly illustrated in the Jaquays tradition. The Lost Temple, The Tomb of Aethering the Damned, The Lone Tower, Willchidar's Well, and the Crypts of Arcadia awaits the stalwart players. This product has been created and officially approved for use with D&D.
The second round of the official D&D tournament dungeon. In this 32-page booklet the party attempts to "recover the Sword Myrlani and give life to she who was slain by the Sword of the Sightless Eye". It involves an excursion into the depths of the Cavern of Gar to recover parts of the sword. Be advised that, of thirty-five rooms in Skatim Keep, five (which bear sufficient warning) contain almost certain death for the party. A cast of pre-rolled characters is provided. Sword of Hope has been created and approved for use with D&D.
The first round of the same tournament dungeon of Winter War IV as Sword of Hope, Tower of Ulission begins as a wilderness quest designed to test the characters' reactions in certain situations, preparing them for the even greater quest later. The players pass by the dead cities of Shota, Levin, and Pas Toneh, before encountering the dead village of Ulission and its Black Tower. There are twenty-five buildings in the village, populated by various monsters, and the wilderness way to the village is populated by hill giants, frost giants, wereboars, griffons, and an ancient Blue Dragon. This 32-page product has been officially approved for use with D&D.
A 48-page package of five versatile dungeon scenarios or "mini-dungeons". Each one is a complete adventure, ideal for the Judge to pull out and use when there is not enough time to prepare one for the Players. All are set in the Judges Guild City State Campaign Wilderness System, though they may be played separately. They include separate maps for Player and Judge, full Backgronds and accompanying Rumors. Dragonspate Geyser, Castle Potunda, Demon Temple of Thoth, Temple of the Lizardmen, and Circle of the Shifting Stones awaits the stalwart players. This product has been officially approved for use with D&D.
This profusely illustrated 48-page booklet contains complete statistics and comprehensive descriptions of 83 gods. Find out about Dorak, the God of Peace; Grismal, Guardian of the Underworld; Suthak, the Goddess of Fertility; Kuvartma, God of the Moon, and many many more. This book is excellent for use in anyone's fantasy campaign and scenarios. The Unknown Gods is an official play aid approved for use with D&D.